Site Package Enhancements

Any of the following Add-On products can be purchased and added to your website at anytime, if it is not already in your current design package.

Forum ADD-ON
The inclusion of a Forum to your website or web-store helps your site’s users (visitors or registered members) to post discussions or questions and answers. They also have access to read and respond to posts by other forum members. Usually, the Forum is focused on nearly any subject which ends up creating a sense of an online community among forum members. Sometimes, excellent support is available through forum participants.

Flipping Flash Booklet ADD-ON
We do not encourage excessive use of flash on your site. A flipping Booklet addition however, will help package a lot of information in a very small area of your site, thereby improving the use of your site real estate.

Testimonial ADD-ON
Testimonials on your website provides a measure of how well you are doing pertaining to your clients and site users or visitors. It also helps you to improve on customer relations.

PayPal Feature ADD-ON
Setting up a PayPal feature on your site helps you to accept donation or payment for services. It is a must have if you plan to accept funds on your website. The beauty of using PayPal Payment Gateway rests on the fact that you do not retain customers financial information on you site, thereby eliminating the risk of law suits. With PayPal, you do not need to worry about credit/debit card safety.

Flash Banner ADD-ON
Flash adds additional effectiveness and flavour to your site. Visitors will learn a lot about your services, by simply reading the messages each flash presents. Your site’s real estate is also effectively managed with flash. You can also have us design Flash Banners that you can provide any site that is willing to help promote your services. An example of our flash creations can be found here! …Flash Design Details Here! We charge $250.71 (After Instant Rebate Coupon) for a pack of any 3 Sizes but could deliver any number of concepts.

Professional Logo Design ADD-ON
Logo defines your organization! Let our professional logo design team go to work for your business, delivering a concept that stays with your business for a long time. We will strive to exceed your expectations by working with you at the level we would if it were our business. We do not offer free logo design services, although consultation is free. We charge $199.95 (After Instant Rebate Coupon) for a logo concept but could deliver any number of concepts.